St. Louis Banjo Club Strummers performances

The Club offers its’ members, who are not part of one of the smaller groups of performers, opportunities each year to perform for the public. There will usually be 10-15 members playing their banjos and entertaining a group for an hour or more.

This year, our season led off with a trip to the South County YMCA on April 17th to entertain 75 members of the AOA (Active Older Adults) group. They loved the songs and joined us singing those grand old tunes.

Our 2nd Road Trip was to visit Smugala’s Pizza Pub in Sunset Hills on our regular April 26th night. The place was packed and the toes and fingers were a-tappin’.


Bruno Corradi, above, came with some friends and he saw us wearing our new performance outfits that were purchased by Bruno’s most generous gifts. Thank You, Bruno! This was also Bruno’s 97th birthday week.

The photo below found us at the All Frets Convention at the Renaissance Grand Hotel on July 20th.


November found us at Orlando Gardens bring joy to 300 member so the 55+ Club of a local bank. We projected the sing-a-long words on a screen and had wonderful audience participation.