picnic 2012


A different approach!

The St. Louis Banjo Club held our picnic at the Cliff Cave Park Riverside Pavilion in south county off of Telegraph Road, from Noon to 4PM., September 16th.

Last year we tried to expand the picnic concept to include performance, games, jamming and lots of food. It may have been too much in to short a time, so.........

This year, we competed with the St. Louis Jazz Club picnic on the same day. We lost!!! Eight members came with spouses along with some of our associate members. We had a fine afternoon of conversation, played music for three hours and entertained a dozen visitors to the park.

So, at our annual meeting next March, we will do the following:

  1. 1) Decide whether or not to hold a picnic.

  2. 2) Decide on a date and a location.

  3. 3) Set a maximum budget.

  4. 4) Vote on who buys the beer.

  5. 5) Choose a chairman.