Christmas 2012


Celebrating the Christmas Season with good friends good food and good banjos

Forty of us found ourselves at the Heart of St. Charles Banquet Center along with our new-found friend, Athens Abell. In town for business, she decided to get to know more of the St. Louis Banjo Club members since she, and her husband Kurt Abell were about to become members of the Club.

Athens took a lot of photos and video and included us in her weekly Blog as well as her Facebook pages. Athens has become a student as well as a supporter of banjo music and everywhere she goes, she is making the four-string banjo and the music that goes with it very visible. Following are some photos and video from our party. Thank you Athens!

Video of our Christmas Party created by Athens Abell!Christmas_2012_files/St.%20Louis%20Banjo%20Club%27s%20Awesome%20Christmas%20Party_640x480.mp4