SLBC at Auto Show


We were invited to play for two hours at the St. Louis Auto Show in America’s Center convention hall as part of the Horseless Carriage Club of St. Louis. This Club of 200 members have shown off their vintage automobiles at this show for the last twenty years.

Their leadership thought it would be a great idea to marry the music of the early 1900s with their automobiles and we did just that. It was estimated that between 2,000 and 3,000 visitors stopped and listened to us for at least a few moments. The expressions on their faces was priceless since most had not heard 10 guys playing banjos and playing music that most had not heard.

These photos were taken by Gerald Perschbacher (LL.D.) All Rights Reserved.

The photo to the right is of a 1905 Fiat Racer that was purchased by August Busch, Sr. as the 3rd of 20 made by Fiat. The sign below describes this amazing car.

The photo to the lower right shows Louis Meyer, a charter member of the St. Louis BandJos Youth Banjo Band. We invited him to join us and show that the banjo is not just played by “old people”.

These 3 photos by Marlene Dempsey